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My life.

February 26th, 2010

Future (Online) Plans @ 09:54 am

I am seriously considering getting at least semi-active in the 'Netgames community again. I haven't hosted a game in years (mainly, I was just a teenager who didn't know what the heck he was doing) and haven't even participated in a game in a while (although in this case, due to lack of time/personal reasons/etc).

I don't know when or if I'll host a game again (although I'd love to), but hopefully soon I'll start being an active participant once more. I miss those days. Hard to believe I found that community nearly 11 years ago. Seriously, summer of 1999 it was. Those were the days of AOL 4.0 and alt.tv.game-shows was still considered to be a good source of news. Can't believe almost 11 years have passed since then.

As for offline plans, just a day from this post I'm seeing Mike Doughty in concert. He's bipolar, his music is brutally honest and his lyrics are a major influence of my own work.

Should be a good time.

January 9th, 2010

:( @ 11:46 pm

Art Clokey died.


I was going to send out for his autograph in 2008 but never got around to it. Wow.

January 6th, 2010

I don't get it @ 08:48 pm

Disney is hesitant to release Song of the South on DVD because it MIGHT be SLIGHTLY racist.

Yet, Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Walt Disney World has a Song of the South theme and nobody's ever complained.

January 3rd, 2010

2009 Celebrity memorials (July-December) @ 10:03 pm

Part 1 here: http://beau99.livejournal.com/247602.html

Once again, if I forgot anyone, post a comment. Hopefully I won't have to make any late additions...

1 - Karl Malden, 97, actor (natural causes)
4 - Steve McNair, 36, American football player (murder-suicide victim)
6 - Oscar G. Mayer, Jr., 95, American executive
14 - Dallas McKennon, 89, voice actor (natural causes)
17 - Walter Cronkite, 92, news anchor (cerebrovasculuar disease)
18 - Ricardo Londoño-Bridge, 59, Colombian race car driver (homicide)
19 - Henry Surtees, 18, British race car driver (racing accident)
21 - Les Lye, 84, Canadian actor
25 - Vernon Forrest, 38, American boxer (homicide)
28 - Reverend Ike, 74, evangelist and musician (stroke)

7 - Mike Seeger, 75, American folk musician (cancer)
9 - Jasmine You, 30, bassist of Versailles
13 - Les Paul, 94, guitarist and inventor (pneumonia)
25 - Ted Kennedy, 77, Massachusetts senator (brain cancer)
26 - Dominick Dunne, 83, writer and investigative journalist (bladder cancer)
28 - DJ AM, 36, disc jockey (drug overdose)

11 - Larry Gelbart, 81, writer (M*A*S*H) and blogger (cancer)
14 - Patrick Swayze, 57, actor (pancreatic cancer)
14 - Henry Gibson, 73, actor (cancer)
16 - Mary Travers, 72, singer for Peter, Paul and Mary (leukemia)
16 - Myles Brand, 67, NCAA president (pancreatic cancer)

14 - Lou Albano, 76, professional wrestler and actor (natural causes)
17 - Vic Mizzy, 93, composer of PSA jingles and theme songs for "The Addams Family" and "Green Acres"
18 - Jasper Howard, 20, American college football player (homicide)
22 - Soupy Sales, 83, comedian and television host (cancer)
28 - Taylor Mitchell, 19, Canadian musician (mauled by coyotes)

2 - Phil Lumpkin, 57, American basketball player (pneumonia)
8 - Jerry Fuchs, 34, drummer for !!! and other bands (accidental fall down elevator shaft)
9 - Al Cervi, 92, American basketball player
15 - Ken Ober, 52, host of Remote Control

4 - Eddie Fatu, 36, professional wrestler (heart attack)
16 - Roy E. Disney, 79, entertainment executive (stomach cancer)
17 - Chris Henry, 26, American football player (blunt force brain trauma after fall from truck)
19 - Kim Peek, 58, savant and inspiration for the Rain Man character (heart attack)
20 - Brittany Murphy, 32, actress (cardiac arrest)
20 - Arnold Stang, 91, radio actor and television voice actor (pneumonia)
25 - Vic Chesnutt, 45, folk-rock musician (muscle relaxant overdose)
29 - "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, 49, professional wrestler (throat cancer)

December 13th, 2009

I miss KZON @ 05:55 am

KZON used to be the leading AAA-format (adult album alternative) radio station in Arizona. They were nice to local artists who otherwise didn't get much airplay anywhere.

Then CBS had to go and change the format to the dreadful Free FM format. That was a miserable failure, so they changed it again to rhythmic contemporary.

Now the only AAA station in the Phoenix market is 103.9 The Edge, who thankfully have remained independent of all the conglomerates. I like them, but it's just not the same as KZON was.

Clear Channel gets a lot of flack (and deservedly so), but CBS Radio is just as bad.

December 6th, 2009

A fan's thoughts on the breakup of a great band @ 01:17 am

Or, an ordinary person rambling and ranting about why Chad Taylor, Chad Gracey and Patrick Dahlheimer should just suck it up and ignore Ed Kowalczyk's ego.

I mean really...

Personally I think Chad, Chad and Pat should just suck it up.

As an example of band members fighting with each other: U2 have been friends since high school too and have had more spats than most people think and have nearly broken up many times, Bono's massive ego being just one of the reasons.

But they're still friends and are still making great music and playing fucking excellent live shows. I can attest to it as I saw them in October.

If U2 can survive Bono's ego, Live can survive Ed's.

As it is right now; Chad, Chad and Pat are being assholes and I could care less about TGF until they and Ed can make amends.

November 30th, 2009

Celebrity Memorials (January-June) @ 06:09 am

This is something I've done for the past few years. I wish I didn't have to, but I must.

This will be the first of two posts; the second, covering the second half of 2009, will come sometime in January.

Also, note that I can't possibly list every single person. But if I missed anyone particularly important, please tell me.

3 - Sam McQuagg, 73, 1965 NASCAR Rookie of the Year (cancer)
22 - Billy Werber, 100, Last living teammate of Babe Ruth (natural causes)
24 - Kay Yow, 66, North Carolina State women's basketball coach (breast cancer)

10 - Jeremy Lusk, 24, motocross rider (traumatic brain injury sustained in crash during event)
20 - Christopher Nolan, 43, Whitbread Prize-winning Irish author and cerebral palsy activist; also the inspiration for U2's "Miracle Drug" (pulmonary aspiration)
Larry Miller, 64, owner of Utah Jazz, a movie theatre and a chain of car dealerships (complications from diabetes)
26 - Norm Van Lier, 61, former Chicago Bulls player
Johnny Kerr, 76, former NBA coach, player and Chicago Bulls color commentator (prostate cancer)
28 - Paul Harvey, 90, radio broadcaster

8 - Hank Locklin, 91, country music singer and Grand Ole Opry member
10 - Jack Grimes, 82, voice actor
11 - Charles Lewis, Jr., 45, founder of MMA apparel company TapouT (injuries sustained in car crash)
13 - Andrew "Test" Martin, 33, professional wrestler (accidental drug overdose)
16 - Nicholas Hughes, 47, marine biologist; son of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (suicide by hanging)
18 - Natasha Richardson, 45, actress (epidural hematoma caused by fall during skiing lesson)
22 - Abismo Negro, 37, Mexican lucha libre wrestler (drowning)
Steve Doll, 48, American professional wrestler better known as Steven Dunn (blood clot)
23 - Lloyd Ruby, 81, race car driver
24 - George Kell, 86, Detroit Tigers star and member of Baseball Hall of Fame
25 - Dan Seals, 61, country-pop singer; one half of England Dan & John Ford Coley (mantle cell lymphoma)
26 - John Mayhew, 61, Genesis drummer (heart failure)
27 - Alysheba, 25, 1987 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner (euthanized)

9 - Nick Adenhart, 22, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher (injuries sustained in car crash)
13 - Bruce Snyder, 69, former college football player (Oregon) and coach of 3 teams (melanoma)
25 - Beatrice Arthur, 86, actress (cancer)
28 - "Playboy" Buddy Rose, 56, professional wrestler
30 - McCoy McLemore, 67, baskeball color analyst and former NBA player (cancer)

2 - Jack Kemp, 73, politician and former player of American football (cancer)
4 - Dom DeLuise, 75, actor, comedian, writer and chef (renal failure)
6 - Kevin Grubb, 31, NASCAR racer (suicide by gunshot)
Ean Evans, 48, Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist (cancer)
8 - Dom DiMaggio, 92, former Boston Red Sox player; brother of Joe DiMaggio (pneumonia)
9 - Chuck Daly, 78, former basketball coach (pancreatic cancer)
15 - Wayman Tisdale, 44, smooth jazz bassist and former NBA player (complications from chemotherapy) :(
18 - Wayne Allwine, 62, voice actor of Mickey Mouse (complications from diabetes)

2 - Tony Maggs, 72, South African Formula 1 driver (cancer)
3 - David Carradine, 72, actor and director (hanged - suicide ruled out)
10 - Barry Beckett, 66, record producer and musician (natural causes)
13 - Mitsuharu Misawa, 46, Japanese professional wrestler (heart attack; officially, spinal cord injury sustained after botched move during match)
14 - Carlos Pardo, 33, Mexican NASCAR driver (injuries sustained in accident during race)
23 - Ed McMahon, 86, TV host and announcer
25 - Farrah Fawcett, 62, actress (anal cancer)
Michael Jackson, 50, singer (acute Diprovan overdose)
28 - Billy Mays, 50, TV pitchman (hypertensive heart disease)
29 - Jan Rubes, 89, Czech-born Canadian actor and opera singer (stroke)

November 12th, 2009

Wow @ 05:14 pm

Current Music: Dir en grey - saku

It's been 4 years since Eddie Guerrero died.

I really miss watching him on TV and it's a shame, seeing as he went through hell and back to turn his life around.

I also think that if Eddie were still alive, Chris Benoit wouldn't have did what he did.

October 28th, 2009

I R REAL SRS CAT. @ 06:50 pm

Saw how this picture my dad took of my cat came out, and just had to do this.

October 23rd, 2009

LOL @ 06:31 pm

Some unintentional humor provided by former WCW president Eric Bischoff, via Twitter:

"Listening to the blithering idiots on MSNBC trying to convince their audience that THEY are a legit news org and Fox News is not...stupid."


"Oh...and I just noticed that MSNBC knows that Americans are sick of liberal b.s., so they are now referred to as "progressives"."

I used to get angry seeing stupid things like this. Now I can't help but laugh.

Keep it up, Eric. You may end up being the cure for my depression.

My life.